SQL Server DBA and PowerShell Developer

Company Name:
Deployment and set up configuration of IBM Guardium to include ensuring collectors/aggregators, load balancers, software TAP agent (S-TAP), Guardium Installation Manager (GIM), and Change Audit System (CAS) are properly installed.
Provide continuous support for trouble shooting and maintenance of Guardium deployments.
Run, test, and validate Guardium configuration settings and fully document technical and procedural requirements.
Ensure operations are normalized and monitored to include Guardium Central Manager reporting and alerting for infrastructure fault and fail overs as well as monitored security events.
Advanced testing and tuning of completed installations to optimize events to be ingested by Security Information and Event Manager (SIEM). Refine report and alert generated Guardium events and organize logical groups working closely with system administrators to ensure domain ID's and application ID's are consistent and match.
24/7 Monitoring and incident response augmentation to Security Operations Center (SOC) during core duty hours and on-call after hours on a rotational basis.
Develop PowerShell scripts and automation to support enterprise automation strategies for implementation and for advanced monitoring rules and blocking.
Provide substantive recommendations on database security remediation and understanding of best business practices using Department of Defense Security Technical Guides to build standard secure databases as an example.
Experienced database administrator background with development (programming/scripting) skills looking to grow into security role with a primary objective of implementing IBM Guardium. Demonstrated ability to design, implement and maintain all functions of database systems, including access, methods and time,device allocations, validation checks, organization, security, documentation, and statistical methodology. Monitors overall standards and procedures, assists in integrating various systems. Consults with users, determine requirements. Familiarity with PCI, SOX, SSAE16, and HIPAA/HITECH requirements. Support the maintenance of relevant controls for a heterogeneous database environment consisting of Oracle, Teradata, Hadoop, Microsoft SQL Server, Mongo, and Mainframe DB2 to ensure compliance with the same. Develop new approaches to ensure compliance with standards and identification of security anomalies through automation and implementation of an enterprise database monitoring capability.

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